Why fall is considered a perfect time for painting?

October 28, 2020
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Why fall is considered a perfect time for painting

The weather has to cooperate in order for your paint job to turn out perfectly. Your paint won't dry or fix properly if it is rainy or too hot or cold. Summer can be too hot and sunny. Spring may be too rainy for spring showers to set in. Winter has problems of its own. Fall seems to be the best time to deal with your painting projects.

Check out the benefits of painting in the fall season:

Fall Temperatures

Fall will provide temperatures which are suitable for exterior painting. The cool air will allow the painters without the sunlight beating down on them to easily get the job done. Extreme temperatures cause inconsistent drying of paint, which is not great for your final outcome.

This weather is apt for interior painting projects too. When you get the interiors painted you can open the windows to remove the fumes of paint from your home. It will be more challenging to find a time when the conditions are suitable for painting once the winter weather moves in.

Moisture and Humidity

While painting your home, another significant factor to consider is moisture. If you are painting the interior or exterior of your home, the paint must be fully dried and bonded to the surface. Only on a dry surface paint should be applied.

Humidity can affect the paint's application and durability. The humidity would dissipate, allowing the paint to dry properly as the seasons go from summer to fall. This will add to the finish's longevity and the color will look better for longer.

Lower Chance of Rain

It can rain throughout the year at any time, but it doesn't rain as much in the fall as some of the other seasons. Moisture makes it very difficult to dry and bond with the paint. Your painting project could delay on rainy days. The work is less likely to be delayed when you get your house painted in the fall.

Prepare for the Holidays

All of the winter months are busy because they include important holidays, including family celebrations and entertainment. If you plan to paint your house in early fall, before the holidays take over, you can get it done.

The schedule of the painting contractor you intend to hire is also relevant to remember. Holidays are busy for just about everyone, including painters, so it will help you get things finished before family and friends turn up for the holiday celebrations to plan your painting project as soon as possible.


It can be hard to schedule painters to come home and paint, depending on the time of year. When fall rolls around, several businesses slow down, which means they are more flexible and can meet your scheduling needs. Instead of being able to paint your home during the busy season, it would be better to have your home painted in the fall.

If your planning for an interior or exterior paint job this fall season, hire a Local painting Contractor in Avon, Connecticut

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