What is the best time to start a Painting project?

March 5, 2020
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What is the best time to start a Painting project

If you want to revamp your office or home, applying a fresh coat of paint is the best way. Sadly, most of the property owners fail to identify the best time to paint their property and pick the wrong time. This results in more damages than benefits to the property. Moreover, painting projects are expensive and choosing the wrong time would cost you way more than you might have expected. It is recommended to engage a professional painting company to help you choose the best time to paint the exterior and interior of your property to ensure the best outcomes. In this post, we have shared a few tips to know the best time for starting a painting project:

Interior painting: the right time to paint

While choosing the right time to paint the interior of the property, the best home painters suggest keeping your convenience in mind. Interiors aren’t exposed to elements as much as exteriors and hence choosing the time is a bit easier. You must, however, keep in mind your availability, time for the preparation and cleaning options to fix a time. If you have hired professional local painters, they will help you choose the right time that suits your planning.

For exterior painting, you will need to pay extra attention. There are a lot of factors to consider including the type of paint you will be using, textures and finish you want, elements and climate as well as season. It is recommended to pick a time that has a 50°F temperature to allow the paint to finish. The paint dries up the best when the temperature is maintained at this range for at least 48 hours. Moreover, it is recommended to paint during the winter season when the days are bright and sunny. The winter sun is soft and thus the paint does not dry up more quickly than it should like in summer days.

Painting is an extensive project and the professional house painters near me suggest to be very vigilant about the time you choose for painting. With the best painting company, you can choose the right time and also ensure that the application of the paint is done with perfection. Enjoy a complete makeover of your property with the best painting services and boost the aesthetic appeal and value of the property to the max.

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