A guide to choosing the right finish for your exteriors

February 19, 2020
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A guide to choosing the right finish for your exteriors

When it comes to exterior walls, paint finish is not just about the aesthetical value but it also indicates how long the paint will last on various surfaces. Some of the key surfaces that are prone to early wear and tear are siding, trim, doors, etc. To choose the best paint finish for your exterior walls, it is important that you know different types of finish. Even if you hire the best exterior painting company, it is important to have basic knowledge about different finishes to make the best selection. Here are the 4 different types of paint finishes you must know about:

Flat Paint Finish:

There was a time flat paint finish was the most commonly used paint for the exterior walls. However, with the time change, they have lost their popularity. This type of finish has matte and porous properties and they are also susceptible to early wear off. It does not have any shine neither does it offers durability hence painting companies do not suggest them more often.

Satin Paint Finish:

As the name suggests, this paint has a nice satin finish. It is ideal for application in areas that are frequently touched and used. The paint is known to be highly durable and for its mildew and peeling resistant properties. This is the most popular choice when it comes to exterior painting.

Eggshell Paint Finish:

This paint finish offers a perfect balance between shiny and dull matte paint. This is the most ideal choice for painting the outer walls. It can be washed easily and revived to give looks nice new. Moreover, it is a highly durable and favorite choice of exterior painting contractors. 

Semi-Gloss & High Gloss Paint Finish:

Much to their name, semi-gloss and high-gloss finish paints have a difference in the sheen they offer. Both the paint finishes are easy to clean and hence perfect for frequently used areas. This type of finish can also withstand harsh weather conditions perfectly. The high-gloss finish is known for its high durability and is a little expensive than its counterparts.

It is best to consult professional house painting company before you make any choice. The professionals will guide you the best and ensure that the right paint is chosen for your exterior walls. They will take a lot of factors into account including weather conditions, type of surface, budget and time frame. If you are ready to have a new look for your house, visit the best House painters near me today!

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