Should you be afraid of dark colors for your interior walls?

February 12, 2020
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Should you be afraid of dark colors for your interior walls

Painting your walls in a new color is the best way to transform its looks. However, only the best painting contractors in West Hartford  know how much effort does it really take to paint those walls. But they are the professionals and have those tricks and knowledge to finish the job to perfection. While you may have already handed over the job to the experts, there is something about painting that you need to attend personally. Yes, we are talking about choosing the right paint. 

We all know that choosing the right paint for the walls is no cakewalk. Most of us like to paint the walls dark, but couldn't because of the preset notion that dark is never good.

It is time that you stop being afraid of dark colors and embrace some vibrantly dark shades for your walls. Here is what expert painting companies have to say about using dark colors for the interior walls:

Be smart while choosing:

There is a range of dark hues- black, blue, dark orange, rust orange and more. You need to be really smart while picking up a dark color. Not all colors make your rooms look small and crowded. For instance, if you choose black, make sure you pick it for a room that receives ample daylight. Similarly, for blue or indigo, ensure that the room is a bedroom to alleviate the warmth    and coziness.

Mix some lighter shades:

If you are really into dark colors but fear that they would distort the room's spirit, you can always mix them with some lighter shades. For example, a blue room with an accent wall of sky blue is something that could make a lot of difference to the interior of the room. You can also choose patterns to make some great impressions.

Try in a small area:

Before you go ahead, painting your entire room in a dark color, make sure you try it at a smaller space. A staircase or foyer would be the best to experiment with dark colors. If you find the color to be complementing, go ahead and hire the best interior painting contractors near me.

Every home is unique and has its own character. You need to make sure that the color you choose reflects your personality as well. Always consult with a local painting contractor before you pick any color. The professionals will offer you the best advice and will also color the walls with excellence.

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