Painting hacks to make small spaces bigger

February 5, 2020
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Painting hacks to make small spaces bigger | local painters in CT

One of the biggest problems of living in a metro city is that you have to manage to live in small spaces. The bigger the space, the higher would be the rent. Living in a small space is troublesome, but coming home to a house that appears too small to the eyes is even more irritating. To ensure that you do not have to deal with the consequences living in a smallspace, we have brought you some amazing painting hacks from the best Painting contractor in Avon that will help you make your small spaces look bigger:

  1. Stick to a family:

Choosing a family of colors is the best way to make small spaces large. Colour families like grey or light blue can make a small space look larger amazingly. Infact, choosing neutral or statement colors will bring the same effects. 

  1. Black is your friend

Yes, unlike the popular belief, coloring your walls black will actually help you make your rooms bigger. You can experience a change in the walls as you paint them black. Professional Painters in CT claim that small spaces open up with black paint.

  1. All white does the magic too

Just like black colored walls, white-colored walls too are a great way to make small spaces look larger. Natural light is well received and reflected with white paint and the room appears bigger. White paint with no undertones, when added with other accent colors, helps you make a great aesthetic appeal.

  1. Accent wall:

Adding just one accent wall to the room does the magic. An accent wall means that one wall of the room is painted darker than the others which creates an optical illusion. You can also make the accent wall as the main focal point of the room and arrange your furniture accordingly.

  1. Stripes are great too

Adding a stripe pattern to the walls is another great way to make your small spaces look larger. Light-colored stripes on dark color paint of the same family are the best way to add the illusion of additional space at your rooms. However, you need to make sure that you make horizontal stripes and not vertical.

  1. Colour the roof

Yes, by painting the roof with a lighter color tone, you can create an illusion of a higher ceiling, this will help you make the room look larger.

These are some of the hacks from the best Painting company in Simsbury that you must try to make your small spaces look bigger.

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