How to Renovate a Small Kitchen?

February 10, 2021
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How to Renovate a Small Kitchen?

While you are renovating a kitchen, your list of wants will be endless. You can't do everything though especially when it comes to a small kitchen. Since you will be working with small space, you need to be mindful of what you need instead of what you want.

Keep it Specific

Your kitchen remodel, for example, needs to fit all of your appliances and other necessities. When that's finished, you can move on to any improvements you'd like to make to your kitchen.

Open the Space

The greatest enemy of a small kitchen is limited space. Nevertheless, you can use it to your advantage as well. If you can, we suggest that the wall that normally connects your kitchen and living room be knocked down.

This style of open concept living and kitchen space is a major hit in modern homes. Both spaces are opened up by the lack of demarcation between the kitchen and the living room, making your house look bigger and brighter.

In that way, instead of restricting yourself to two separate spaces, you use the full capacity of the space available.

Use Racks and Holders

Speaking of storage, you're probably going to struggle to find enough space for your pots and pans in the cabinets available. When renovating your kitchen, we suggest that you do not store it in the cabinets.

Instead, make room outside for them. For these bulky things, a hanging pot rack is a great solution. Getting them on show solves your storage problem and gives your kitchen a rustic feel that adds charm to it.

Store your pots on top of the upper cabinets to make room for other things if you don't have the space for a rack.

Breakfast Nook

Who doesn't love a nook for breakfast? While in most kitchens it is a novelty, it is almost a compulsion in a small remodel of a kitchen. It is not only a perfect way to put your living and dining room together, but it is also an innovative way of extending your kitchen. To highlight the area more, you can incorporate pendant lights. 


When your eyes are drawn to the floor, you have a dozen items to fix in a kitchen. Despite inadequate credit, flooring plays a critical role in your small kitchen remodel. 

When selecting the right flooring of your kitchen you have to consider the content, style, colour, and structure. Your kitchen will look smaller, if your floor pattern is too busy. Similarly, it brings down the mood of your room if the hue is too boring.

Linoleum, marble and wooden flooring are the top flooring options for small kitchens. All are tidy, crisp and complementary to other elements of the space.

Mirror Backsplash

                                                                                                         Photo credit: Designing Idea

Adding mirrors to your kitchen is a small kitchen remodeling hack. Any reflective surface 'opens' the space of your kitchen.

In your kitchen, you can add a mirror or you can add other reflective surfaces as well. Mirror backsplash, tiled-mirror backsplash, and glass tile countertop, for example, are great choices in your kitchen to add the same reflective effect.

Thinking of backsplashes, you can also add (if your room allows) a horizontal window to your backsplash. You are expanding your space by doing this. The window harmonises indoor-outdoor living and also expands the kitchen.

If you’re planning to remodel your small kitchen, contact the Kitchen Remodeling contractor in Avon, CT.

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