5 Characteristics Spanish Revival Style Kitchens

January 5, 2021
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5 Characteristics Spanish Reviavl Style Kitchens

The kitchen is as vital a place as any other when it comes to style and decoration. One should always strive for a look that is warm and inviting when designing and decorating your kitchen. Choosing a Spanish style design gives the opportunity to get a warm and inviting look without working really hard to decorate. Below are some good suggestions about how to get a pleasant and stunning kitchen with a Spanish style design.

Flared Range Hood

Flared Range Hood

                                                                             Photo credit: Better homes and Gardens

The flared range hood is among the most visible characteristics of Spain's revival kitchen. Very often built with sheet rock or cast stone, the range hood may be adorned with arches or corbels. To attain this look, adding a flared hood helps a lot.

Large Kitchen and Alcove

                                                                       Photo credit :Designing Idea                                                                                              

Life revolves around the kitchen, family, and food in Spanish culture. This also contributes to a very wide cooking area, preparation area and stove itself. This zone is typically set in an alcove with an arched opening to frame it to attain a realistic Spanish style kitchen space. 

Hand Painted Tiles

Hand Painted Tiles

                                                                                           Photo Credit: Pinterest 

The use of hand-painted tiles is possibly one of the most common characteristics in a Spanish-style kitchen. The styles are ornate and intricate, and are mostly replicated in the kitchen. 

In your kitchen design, there are many ways you can use hand-painted tile; the backsplash, trim, and baseboards are all great choices. To accent or fit your backsplash, you can opt to tile your countertops with hand-painted tiles. 

Wooden Cabinets

                                                                                           Photo Credit: Crismatec

Walnut, in the Spanish style, is both traditional and unique. The majority of antique Spanish-crafted furniture you find is made of walnut and can include ornate features such as beaded or rope trim.

Exposed Beams and Arches

Exposed Beams and Arches

                                                                                            Photo Credit: Sims Luxury Builders

Vaulted ceilings and spectacular archways offer a realistic look to the Spanish-style kitchen. The arches may be around your cooking alcove, windows, or the kitchen entrances, but it is the one aspect that might define the style instantly. You can also put an arch in a semi open kitchen over your food bar, or knock a wall out to make an arch. 

Exposed beams high ceiling offer some Spanish grandiosity to the kitchen.  Choosing a stain that matches your walnut or mahogany cabinet is elegant and rustic.

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