4 Lighting Ideas to Choose During Your Bathroom Renovation

February 24, 2021
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4 Lighting Ideas to Choose During Your Bathroom Renovation

When renovating your bathroom, you need to concentrate on the overall lighting of your room. Sadly, most ideas for bathroom lighting are often superficial. Although they are necessary, during a bathroom renovation, lighting does not get the value it deserves.

It is essential to know that one of the most significant factors in bathroom remodeling is bathroom lighting. It can make your bathroom look accommodating and spacious by taking the proper bathroom lighting steps.

Like any other aspect of design, bathroom lighting ideas can involve a variety of approaches. Nevertheless, we will direct you to choose the best ideas perfect for you for bathroom lighting.

Layered Lighting

Layer lighting is one of the most versatile bathroom lighting concepts for remodeling the bathroom. Various kinds of lights are used: accent, task, and overall. In the form of profile lights, backlit mirrors, or pendant lights, accent lights come in. Task lights light up function-based areas, while general lights normally illuminate the entire area.

This bathroom light system usually starts with the ceiling lights and works in different layers into the vanity space.

Flanking the Mirror with Lights

Standard ceiling lights in the bathroom normally provide a sufficient amount of ambient light. For grooming and makeup activities, however, it may be ineffective. When you put on makeup or shaving, lighting from above will create splotches, lines, and shadows around your face.

On the other hand, putting a vanity lamp, a pair of vertical sconces, or a bathroom bar on either side of the mirror is even more advisable. For tasks requiring precision, such an arrangement would provide ideal lighting.

Task Lighting for Important Areas

Like most other rooms in your home, you can divide the renovation of the bathroom into various areas. Of these, particular attention is required to the wet-dry zones. Seeing even more closely, you can split the bathroom setup into the bathing area, the toilet area, and the mirror vanity area. Specific more spacious bathrooms come with a dressing area as well.

Please remember that it is recommended to give each of these areas its own lighting source. Because you will never use the entire area simultaneously, it becomes clear that to highlight them, you should have different kinds of lights.

Task lighting is arranged to illuminate the various areas inside your bathroom. For example, you need it in the bathroom vanity area for brushing your teeth, shaving, and so on.

Natural Bathroom Lighting Ideas

In your bathroom, natural lighting is absolutely irreplaceable. Experts believe that the true color of our hair, face, garments, and makeup shows in natural sunlight. Therefore, the closer you manage to replicate the same thing in your bathroom, the better your bathroom remodeling project will be.

One should think about going to the bathroom light fixtures in white shades – whether clear, frost, or any other. Besides that, you must add light bulbs that correctly make colors for your room. Such bulbs can be LEDs, portable fluorescent bulbs, or incandescent bulbs.

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