What Type of Paints Are Good For Ceiling?

October 13, 2021
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What Type of Paints Are Good For Ceiling

Ceilings are often difficult to paint. Maybe it's because you have a lot of peeling of the older paint before you can paint on the new. The good news is that painting ceilings, both in bathrooms and elsewhere, can be done efficiently. We're here to walk you through every step of the ceiling paint process!

Ceiling Paint For Bathrooms

The most moisture-resistant paints in bathrooms are emulsion 100 percent solid acrylic latex paints that are water-borne. Paints with a glossier finish will have better moisture resistance.

There's no need to use epoxy paint in the bathroom. Being particularly water-resistant, unless in a  business setting. Using epoxy in your home's bathroom, on the other hand, would be extravagant.

If you can, wipe your ceiling paint after a lengthy steamy shower. More is better. Some ceilings are too high, making it difficult to remove ceiling paint. The higher the ceiling, the less moisture will accumulate on it, which is a positive thing.

Mold and mildew will not be able to develop and thrive if moisture does not penetrate the paint surface. The best ceiling paints will prevent mold by repelling moisture to begin with.

Even on the greatest brand of ceiling paint, having a lower ceiling within a shower or over a tub removes moisture. Wiping it down will extend its life and endurance. Pressure wash tile and glass shower doors in the same way.

So, the greater quality of life you and your paint will have if you can help persevere your paint in any way you can.

In bathrooms, resisting moisture buildup on your paint is crucial for a variety of reasons. However, it is primarily for your own health.

Ceiling Paint for Kitchen

For the kitchen ceiling, we suggest latex or any water-based formula. Unlike heavier oil-based paints, latex and water-based paints dry faster and splash less on your ceilings.

Another advantage of latex or water-based paint is that it dries faster than oil-based paint and doesn't have a strong odor.

We believe that semi-gloss paint is the superior option when deciding between a flat and semi-gloss finish.

Although flat paint is effective at masking flaws on walls, it is more difficult to clean than semi-gloss choices.

Flat paint, unlike many semi-gloss alternatives, isn't usually mildew-resistant, which can lead to water damage and even mold on your kitchen ceilings.

Semi-gloss paint, in particular, is quite durable and works well in humid environments, making it an excellent choice for the ceiling of your kitchen.

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