Top Bathroom Remodeling Myths Busted

May 2, 2022
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Top Bathroom Remodeling Myths Busted
Most Believed Bathroom Remodeling Myths Busted


Bathrooms often play second fiddle to other more important areas in a home like the living room or the bedroom. Many homeowners feel discouraged to pursue the bathroom renovation project and tend to put it off as long as possible, thanks to the misconceptions that surround it. Whether it is a powder room or a master en suite, your bathroom deserves a new look! Here is a quick fact check about the top bathroom remodeling myths.

Myth 1: Bathroom remodeling doesn’t add any value to your home

If you are one of those who believe the above myth, then let us tell you, a bathroom that’s not in its best shape will only further depreciate the value of your home, especially if you plan to sell it shortly. When a potential buyer evaluates a home, they are already calculating in their heads the cost of updates they need to do once they have purchased the property. This of course has an impact on the final pricing offer they make. It becomes easier to sell the home for the price you deserve if your bathrooms are as up-to-date as your living room. Besides, who doesn’t enjoy using a cleaner, fresher, newer bathroom?

Myth 2: Bathroom remodeling is just for luxury

Remodeling your bathroom no doubt makes your bathroom feel luxurious, but a good remodeling plan will also help you make your bathroom more functional and comfortable. Timely repair of leaking sinks, and treating hairline cracks on tubs or tiles will only help you to save the hefty amount you may have to pay for larger damage repairs in the future. Bathroom remodeling also provides an excellent opportunity to make your bathroom space more organized by adding new shelves and cabinets.

Myth 3: Bathroom remodeling project doesn’t resonate with savings

 You will be surprised to know that you can actually save some dollars when you get your bathroom renovated! If you are wondering how, then let us tell you that simple things like replacing your current light fixtures with energy-efficient ones, installing low-flow faucets, and smart showers that consume less water will only help you lower your utility bills! Apart from saving money, you also increase the eco-friendly quotient of your home.

Myth 4: Bathroom remodeling can be a fun DIY project

Well, you may have done a commendable job painting your bedroom wall on your own, but when it comes to bathroom renovation or remodeling it’s a different ball game altogether. It is one space that requires special expertise, and skills that only professional contractors possess. You never know what bigger problem is sitting under a simple leaky shower. It could be a rotting subfloor or rusted cast iron stack that’s already crumbling. It’s best advised to hire a local remodeling contractor for a perfectly completed job.

Myth 5: Bathroom remodeling is an expensive affair

This is a preconceived notion of many. The cost involved to remodel your bathroom totally depends on the scope of work, the kind of raw materials selected, and how much manpower is required to complete the job. If you are going in with structural changes, appliance, and fixture changes, then unquestionably the cost involved will be a wee bit higher than the simpler renovation projects. Sometimes all it takes is a splash of colors on the bathroom walls, and simple grouting to transform your space.

Don’t let the above myths drive you away from the remodeling plans. Contact the most trusted bathroom renovation contractors in Avon, CT for a free estimate.

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