Tips to make a compact bathroom look spacious

July 21, 2021
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Tips to make a compact bathroom look spacious

After a hectic day, before going to bed, one wants to relax with a refreshing shower.  If your bathroom is too small, it might end up being inconvenient and suffocating. Enjoy a luxurious shower and make the bathroom feel bigger with the following tips.

Use the same type of tiles:

To make the bathroom look bigger, instead of using different kinds of tiles for the dry and wet areas of the bathroom, use the same kind of tiles in both the areas. This simple technique makes a tiny space look roomy. Different tiles in the different areas of the bathroom make it look smaller and complicated. Slightly contrasting shaded tiles with the basic design can be extended on the walls up to the ceiling to give your space an elegant look.

Larger tiles give bigger appearance:

When smaller tiles are used in compact bathrooms, there are too many dividing lines in between the tiles which make the bathroom look tinier. So, it’s always better to use larger and plain tiles which do not have many dividing lines in between them. It’s not advisable to go for geometrical designs and complicated patterns. Choose big plain tiles with a simple and soothing design.

Choose clear glass for the shower area:

Avoid choosing a curtain or foggy glass, as they block your eyes. If you choose a clear glass to divide the shower and dry areas, it allows your eyes to travel around without any restriction and gives a spacious look for your bathroom.

Floating shelves:

If you keep too many things on the counter space of a small bathroom, it looks very cluttered. Do not cramp it with unnecessary things and leave the space clearer.  Build shelves into the walls for an aesthetic appearance. Also, you can use floating vanity or shelves which will not occupy much space and give a stylish look to the bathroom.

Adequate lighting:

Usually, small bathrooms look darker. Any bathroom should be well lit to make it look brighter and bigger. Install a skylight or solar tunnels to bring more natural light into the bathroom.  Window shades which are translucent can also be used to bring in natural light and also give privacy. Bigger mirrors will not only reflect a source of light but also create an illusion of a bigger room. A big mirror can be fixed on one whole side of a wall or a bigger portion of the wall to achieve this effect.

With these simple tips you can partially renovate or remodel your bathroom and make it look bigger without spending a huge amount of money.

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