May 1, 2023
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Tips to keep your pets calm while renovating

It's not just people who can feel the impact of interruptions and changes when it comes to house renovations. The remodeling process can be stressful and anxious for pets as well. The unfamiliar sounds, presence of unknown individuals, and overall disorder can leave them feeling anxious and uneasy. Creating a safe space they are familiar with can help them feel comfortable and connected to the owner. Here are a few tips to keep your pets calm while renovating. Our renovation contractors are pet friendly and can explore various techniques to help you navigate the renovation process while keeping your pets happy and at ease.


During the initial stages of a renovation process, it can be disruptive to introduce unfamiliar noises and activities into your home that your pet may not be accustomed to and they often experience anxiety which can be challenging to handle. Your pets' comfort can be greatly improved if you let them get used to the scent and presence of contractors.  This familiarity helps reduce stress and anxiety for your pets, as they start recognizing the contractors as part of their environment during the renovation period. Encouraging interactions between your pet and the contractors will develop overall confidence and reduce their fear or aggression toward unfamiliar people. 


To ensure the safety and well-being of your pet throughout a renovation project that may last for days or even months, it is crucial to establish a dedicated and secure safe space. This area, whether it's a room or a yard, should be carefully chosen to be far away from any hazardous materials or construction activities. Prioritize providing your pet with essential amenities and ensure there is access to clean and fresh water, as well as proper ventilation to maintain a healthy environment. To make the space more comfortable, set up a cozy bed, and blanket and include toys they are familiar with. If necessary, install baby gates to prevent your pet from accessing areas that may pose a risk or cause damage during the renovation process


When managing both a renovation project and work simultaneously, it may be challenging to take your pet to the office. Well, hiring a pet sitter can provide the companionship your pet needs during this time. A pet sitter offers personalized care and attention, ensuring your pet's well-being while you're away. It's important to provide the pet sitter with all the necessary details about your pet, including their diet, medication, exercise routine, playtime preferences, and daily habits. This information allows the pet sitter to better understand and cater to your pet's specific requirements. Trustworthy and experienced pet sitters ensure your pets are safe, comfortable, and attended to while you focus on the renovation project. 


Encouraging your pet to move around regularly is crucial as it reduces the potential dangers they may pose. Distractions play a key role in diverting your pet's attention away from the unfamiliar activities associated with renovations. You can achieve this by providing them with interactive toys, such as puzzle toys, chew toys, and treat dispensing toys. These toys effectively engage their minds and keep them occupied, effectively drawing their focus away from the ongoing renovation activities.


During the renovation process, it's crucial to keep your pet away from various hazardous materials. Here are several examples of such materials to be mindful of:

  • The paint contains high levels of toxic chemicals that can pose significant harm to pets. It is crucial to keep your pets away from areas where the painting is taking place and to prioritize proper ventilation to minimize their exposure to potentially harmful fumes. Paint thinner is one of many very hazardous solvents that can seriously irritate the skin.

  • Sharp objects that could injure paws or create issues if consumed include nails, tacks, staples, glass, wires, and other similar objects.

  • Wipe off paws when they pass through the rebuilt areas because even excessive dust and particles are an issue.

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