Tips To Decorate Your Home With Dark Colors

December 27, 2021
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Tips To Decorate Your Home With Dark Colors

There's a common misconception that dark-colored rooms are dreary and sad. Some individuals even claim that gloomy environments make them appear cramped and small. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Dark hues may be warm, dramatic, and lively when done well. Here are five ideas for using dark hues in your home.

Unify a room

Dark colors are excellent for connecting together components from different areas, making them ideal for eclectic decorators. Dark walls, window coverings, and furniture can help to bring multiple aspects together and create a unified design. 

Create balance

In gloomy situations, it's critical to create contrast and a sense of balance. To achieve a coherent aesthetic, use a range of textures in your fabrics and hard surfaces. To make some items stand out against a dark background, use light or dark colours on occasion, as well as distinctive patterns.

Not Just walls

Consider introducing color to more than just the walls if you want to make a big impression. The walls, ceiling, and unique millwork in this entryway hall were all painted the same color. "It provides the space a unified appearance that makes it appear to be naturally lighted with sunlight.  Keeping the same hue on the trim, doors, and ceiling intensifies the boldness, especially for those with limited wall space."

Use in rooms of any size

There is a popular opinion that dark hues are a bad choice for small rooms. In fact, the reverse is true. Dark hues are powerful, they can make a small space look larger than it would otherwise have. Light hues are normally suggested to make tiny spaces appear larger, but hues aren't off the table if you prefer them. Large rooms benefit from dark palettes since they serve to warm them up and make them feel roomier. Dark hues don't have to be restricted to rooms of a specific size.

Add a dark color to your kitchen accessories

The last point is about finishing touches. Consider the tiny touches if you truly want to complete the appearance, as they will help to bring your style to life. Finish off your efforts with a dark dinnerware set to match your new dark kitchen, a fresh lamp for your dark corridor, or a rug to soften the light hardwood floor.

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