Steps For Painting Baseboards

January 24, 2022
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Steps For Painting Baseboards

A basic paint job is a quick and easy approach to update your baseboards and enhance the room's visual appeal. Discover how to paint your home's baseboards with ease by this quick list of things to do.


  • To protect the flooring, start by placing a drop cloth or putting down tarps.
  • Examine the baseboards for any apparent nicks or significant dings. Remove excess peeling paint and use a spackling compound to patch gouged-out portions, then sand the surface smooth using fine-grit sandpaper.
  • Vacuum the baseboards and nearby floors, then wipe them down with a moist cloth to remove all dust and filth. Prior to continuing, allow the area to dry fully.

Fill the gaps

  • Spackling compound should be used to fill any gaps or cracks. 
  • If the gap is wide, probably replace the baseboard or detach it and glue it back together before applying spackling paste. 
  • If only fixing gaps or holes, choose a 150 grit sandpaper to smooth off those paste or adhesive applied.


  • When you use a lot of wood putty or filler to fix the baseboards, or if they're outdated, sand it with sandpaper prior to priming. Sanding manually with a bit of sandpaper or an adaptable sanding sponge is generally sufficient.
  • When it comes to vintage baseboards with multiple coats of paint, sanding is most important.

Paint the baseboards

  • Fill the paintbrush nearly partly with paint, then lightly tap the bristles on the inner edge of the can to remove extra paint.
  • Begin painting the baseboards in a room corner. In one-foot chunks, work your way around the perimeter. Instead of stroking up and down, go sideways along the length of the trim.
  • Instead of brushing back and forth, apply your strokes in a single direction. Before the paint dries, paint around the margins of recently colored areas to avoid lap stains.
  • Keep in mind the paint gets into the recessed sections if the moulding has complicated shapes. If paint falls or goes on the wall or floor by mistake, immediately clean it off with a moist towel before it dries.
  • Allow for at least one day of drying time. Within a day, it will be dry to the touch.

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