Spruce up Your Interiors with Wall Texture Paint

May 16, 2022
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Spruce up Your Interiors with Wall Texture Paint

Have there been days when you enter a room and feel something is missing? It has all the right components - the furniture, décor items, and matching color scheme, yet the place looks bland. If you resonate with this, then we might just have an answer – Your room lacks texture! Texture paint adds character, drama, and depth to your room, instantly giving it a state-of-the-art look.   

What is texture paint?

Texture paints are primarily water-based paints, that are blended with different substances like sand particles, crushed stones, silica, and wood chips and then applied to the wall, or the paint is applied using different tools like spatula, sponge, strings, ribbons, rollers, stencils, scrapers, and metal to give a tactile feel to the walls. These paints are highly dense which helps in creating multi-dimensional visual effects. These are less toxic than oil-based paints.

Why texture paint?

Texture paint adds splendor to your otherwise dull walls. Here are some reasons why you should opt for texture paints over regular ones.

·      You can use texture paint to effortlessly create an accent wall for your space. Apply a contrasting texture paint to one wall of the room and you will immediately notice how refreshing your room looks. There are plenty of patterns, hues, and finishes available in the market to select from.

·      Texture paints are excellent when you want to skillfully hide any wall damage, especially when you can’t replaster the wall.

·      Texture paints are notably long-lasting, they don’t peel off easily.

·      These paints are low on maintenance, the walls can be cleaned or washed to keep them stain-free.

·      They endure harsh climatic conditions better than the normal paint and often don’t allow fungi to grow on the wall.

·       They make a good alternative to expensive wallpapers.

Types of Texture Paints

Texture paints are broadly divided into two categories based on how these are applied by the painting contractors: Hand-applied drywall textures & Spray-applied drywall textures.

Hand-applied drywall textures: In this technique of application special tools like knives, brushes, hawks, and trowels are used to create random patterns using drywall compound (a mixture of gypsum dust and water). Since this is applied by hand, the patterns created remain unique for each project. Some famous hand-applied drywall texture techniques are skip trowel, slap brush texture, Santa-Fe texture, and hawk and trowel texture paint.

Spray-applied drywall textures: This technique involves using gas-powered or electric sprayers to create different types of patterns on the wall. The most loved pattern includes splatter knockdown, popcorn, and orange peel.

Painting your walls using texture paint requires a team of expert painters because this paint job demands skills, attention to detail, and focus. Contact local painting contractors in Marlborough, CT for the best results.

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