Regrouting Your Bathroom Tile

March 21, 2022
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Regrouting Your Bathroom Tile

The general idea of grout

Grout gives the tile its durability and shape, therefore it demands special care and maintenance, even though we don't think about it very often. Degradation and the need for repair will occur as a result of regular use. They are a couple of ways to improve the appearance of the tile grout. To retain the bathroom tiles in good condition, you'll need to maintain them on a regular basis.

You must first get a general idea of grout. It comes in 3 varieties: sanded, unsanded, and epoxy. Cement-based floors, both sanded and unsanded, need a sealant to safeguard them against dirt, fluids, staining, and Ultraviolet rays. The most popular kind of grout is sanded grout, which is used for tiles with grout lines greater than ⅛”. If the tile is very delicate and readily damaged by sand from the grout, unsanded grout is used. Epoxy grout is not permeable, so sealing is not required.

Regrouting the tile

Grout does not last indefinitely. Longevity of 8-18 years is to be expected. The longevity is based on how well you maintain your shower. It's likely that you don't know when your grout was installed. That's OK. Its lifespan varies far too much to make this a reliable guideline.

Alternatively, you can examine every now and then. The smooth white gloss of grout will only last for a couple of years. Stains and other pollutants will discolor the grout over time. However, they're not easy to get rid of. Cleaning products can occasionally help to restore fading colors, although this isn't always the case. In general, even if it's unattractive, faded grout is still functional.

In two scenarios, the tile needs to be regrouted. The primary scenario is when mold is present. If mold is developing on grout, it's possible that it's also growing behind it. 

If there is no mold then look at the surface of the grout. It should be easy to navigate. If it crumbles when you put some pressure with your fingertips, it's time to regrout.

How to decide whether to retile or regrout?

There are various factors to consider while determining whether to regrout, replace your tiles entirely, or reglaze.

Begin by inspecting:

If the tiles are cracked or damaged, or if they are loose, you might want to consider retiling the bathroom. If the tiles are in good shape but the grout is beginning to crack or is soiled, regrouting might be a great choice than retiling the space.

Budget and availability:

If you prefer doing things yourself, the idea of regrouting your restroom while cutting costs may appeal to you. Note that regrouting a bathroom takes some time, so schedule a couple of days to finish the task.

Do it yourself or hire a Contractor:

If the gloss is eroded but the tiles are in decent shape, reglazing may be an enticing choice. It is better to hire a contractor than do it yourself because reglazing is a complex job that involves a lot of dangerous chemicals.

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom, contact the Bathroom Renovation Contractor in Simsbury, CT

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