Perfect Painting Colors For Rooms With Low Light

September 9, 2020
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Perfect Painting Colors For Rooms With Low Light

When considering paint colors for rooms with little natural light, many instinctively opt for white. Although you may be tempted to brighten up a room with vibrant colors, it can often have the opposite effect. Indeed, some of the best paint colors for low-light rooms tend towards the warmer side of the spectrum rather than the bright side.

Not sure which color will be the best one for you? Let the professional painting contractors help you choose the best color palette for rooms with no natural light.

Lite Lavender:

Again relying on a medium-tone with a warm under hue, this touch of lavender gives a calming feeling. Recommended in eggshell or satin-gloss, this color is ideal for a soothing, shared dining area. Versatile and welcoming, it can be matured with white, black, and grey furniture or made with bright blue or purple pairing.

Expressive Plum:

This broody tone may have a moody appearance and is the prime environment for relaxation. Apply in eggshell gloss to the cozy vibes of the living room or TV lounge. Smooth this calming color with warm metals like brass, copper, and bronze, as well as an artwork gallery wall.


This cooler color with blue and green hints underneath can give life to a smaller space. For a bathroom with minimal light, use this aqua-tinted tone in a durable semi-gloss. A perfect combination for traditional interiors, this color matches with crisp white features, and deep red tinge upholstery.

Brighten Up Your Space:

Along with the best colors, there are a few basic additions and designs for rooms without natural light that can really improve a dimly-lit space or space without any windows:

Let the light come in

Although this might seem simple, it will make the most of the available light by installing minimal window coverings such as blinds or roman shades. Avoid heavy drapes and treatments which block the entry of natural light into space.


The fixation of a long, slender mirror to an otherwise dark interior reflects the light available. The advantages are two-fold since the diverted light makes a smaller space both brighter and spacious.

Not sure what colors would better fit your house for low-light rooms? Contact Local Painting Contractor in Glastonbury, CT

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