Paint Tips for a Concrete or Wood Porch

September 23, 2020
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Paint Tips for a Concrete or Wood Porch

Painting a porch may seem like a difficult job, but it's not as bad as it seems when you follow the right steps! You can make your porch look brand new in no time with a little planning and preparation!

Painting a Concrete Porch

You should use concrete cleaning chemicals, water, and scrub on a concrete surface to really make sure the porch is clean. Remember to wear gloves for this phase to protect yourself from dangerous chemicals. If scrubbing is finished, rinse the surface off with a hose again and wait for the surface to dry completely before taking the next steps. Getting a power-washer is a great choice for this operation, it will save time and elbow-grease!

Once the surface is clean and dry, tape away any places you don't want to brush with paint. When it comes to painting concrete, there are mixed opinions on best practices, but we prefer to keep it nice and simple: prime then paint. Concrete primers can be easily found by any paint supplier and will ensure that the paint goes smoothly onto the floor.

Please ensure that you buy concrete exterior paint. These products are designed to last long and can withstand extreme weather and constant traffic conditions. When painting is complete, wait a full 24 hours before walking on the surface to make sure it's dry and ready!

Painting a Wood Porch

For a wooden floor, after you sweep it and hose it down, you'll have to wait until the wood is fully dry before you take the next move. This can take up to 24 hours, depending upon the weather in your area. Do not rush this, because if the surface isn't totally dry, the paint won't dry and cure properly.

When the surface is dry, it's time to remove any residual paint on the porch. This is best achieved by using an orbital sander to sand off the old paint. Ensure that you wear protective goggles and a face mask when working. Sweep away the remaining dust from the surface after you're done.

You're going to tape now! Take painters tape, and cover the area you don't want to touch with any paint.

When the tape is in place, it's time to get it primed! Ensure you are using an exterior primer; these can be obtained from any paint supplier. Much like sweeping, you're going to want to start from the opposite side of the porch so you don't step on wet paint when you go back. Keep an eye out for wind that brings debris, and make sure that you remove it quickly so that it does not stick to the surface when it dries. Wait for the first coat to dry, before proceeding to the next step. This can take anywhere from one to eight hours depending on weather conditions. So prepare for it!

You can start applying your chosen paint color once the priming is dry. Since these paints are designed to withstand the wear and tear of people walking on them constantly as well as outdoor weather, it is necessary to use an exterior, porch specific paint. Following full drying of your first coat (which can take up to eight hours), paint the second.

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