Know About The Pros And Cons Of Onyx Countertops

January 10, 2022
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Know About The Pros And Cons Of Onyx Countertops

The visual appeal of Onyx makes it attractive among property owners looking for a substance that resembles marble, particularly when polished. It’s varied hues and deep layers are the result of millions of years of evolution, making it a unique substance.

On the other hand, it is unusually seen in kitchens since it's difficult to install and requires regular maintenance to keep its gorgeous appearance. As a result, because of the peculiarity that distinguishes the surface, it is most typically utilized to make bar countertops.

Pros of Onyx:


The main advantage of onyx countertops is its appearance. The color of onyx countertops is usually light or pastel. Like granite, onyx also comes in a variety of colors, ranging from blue to green to yellow to red. Onyx also comes in a multitude of neutral tones, including cream and beige.

Onyx comes in a variety of hues and textures. Small specks can be found in it, similar to what you'd find in quartz. You can see veins, similar to marble. You can also find some swirls similar to granite.

Each slab of onyx has its own appearance, making it distinctive and exotic.


The benefit of onyx counters is that they have a long lifespan. They can last upto a century if good care is taken and maintained well. This means you do not have to upgrade your kitchen countertop in your lifetime.


Onyx is a translucent stone, which is one of its most distinctive features. This means that if you flash a light behind the stone, it will beam through completely. This implies that onyx can be backlit.

Although you wouldn't backlight onyx on its own, you could backlight an onyx backsplash that runs from your countertop to the wall behind it, or you could cascade onyx down the front of an island. This produces a distinct feature that you won't find in any other type of stone surface.

Cons of Onyx:


Onyx is considered a costly natural stone countertop due to its scarcity. Along with the material cost, labor and setup costs are usually more because you'll need to engage a contractor who has worked with the substance before. This is necessary to prevent the countertop from being damaged during setup. Furthermore, because it is not widely available, any repairs will be more expensive.


Onyx is a delicate stone that must be properly taken care of for its intended usage. Onyx slabs often have a mesh fiberglass substance added around the back to keep the stone together. This shows how delicate onyx is.


When you intend to use the onyx countertop regularly, it may need to be refinished on a periodic basis to ensure it looks as good as new. This may not be essential if you are using the countertop less often and clean and polish it on a regular basis.

You must properly care for an onyx countertop, whether it is in your kitchen or in your amusement room. Onyx is a delicate stone that is easily scratched and damaged, necessitating additional care. Any wetness on the surface should be wiped away as soon as possible. It's also critical to get your onyx countertop professionally sealed if you want it to last.

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