How To Transform A Gloomy Space Into A Bright Spot

February 7, 2022
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How To Transform A Gloomy Space Into A Bright Spot

Some people are of the opinion that darker rooms or homes are cozy. We disagree. Bright rooms can completely change a space and improve your attitude. When it's time to sell, light and breezy rooms create an appealing environment for potential buyers.

Here are several easy and inexpensive design strategies for maximizing restricted lighting.

Fairy lights

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If you want to add a little more light to your space without going overboard, consider decorating with some long fairy light strings, a collection of big candles, orb lights, or another ambient lighting. They'll add not just the correct amount of radiance, but also a lot of elegance and a soothing effect. They'll look great in your home as long as they emit a warm golden light. They provide a cozy, lively environment that lends even the harshest industrial structure a soft elegant look.


Select ornamental mirrors over full-length mirrors.

Use an antique mirror or a mosaic mirror to bounce light about while minimizing the slightly uncomfortable consequence of seeing everything, including yourself, when at times you are not your best self precisely reflected in the clear surface. An antique mirror, mercury mirror, or convex/concave mirror may help disperse light around your area while appearing less noticeable than a wall of mirrors or a huge floor mirror.


When it refers to the entire look of your room, paint color, and finish are important. It has the same effect on the amount of light in your space. Matte paints may appear to be an odd choice, but they will bring attention to windows and are less harsh when natural light reflects off them.

Colors should be mixed with whites and neutral tones. When you have an all-white space, it might attract viewers to poor lighting and appear overly stark. In other words, in your darker rooms, don't be afraid to use vivid colors. Alternatively, use plenty of white, ivory, taupe, and grey to neutralize the color. Keep your color palette to one color family and don't use more than one complementary color.

Choose light-colored furniture

Our couches, seats, and tables are generally selected based on our personal taste and what we believe will look great collectively. Every time you like a piece though, keep in mind how this furniture choice might affect your room's lighting level. A cramped, dimly lit space? It's definitely not a good idea to have a large grey or blue couch! A fashionable, small couch in a paler hue, such as white, taupe, or creamy beige, will make your space appear and feel much larger. More importantly, walnut wood tables, bed frames, and TV stands should be avoided.

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