How to cut the costs of a professional paint job

June 24, 2020
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How to cut the costs of a professional paint job

Hiring painting experts to carry out an interior paint job ensures unbeatable results. Nevertheless, it also has the potential to be slightly more costly than if you do it yourself. It all comes down to the nature and extent of the job along with the team with which you are employed.

Still, some might argue that you can't put a price on an impeccable finish. There's nothing like the shine and shimmer of a professional paint job. It can be fun and satisfying to handle stuff manually but you may never achieve the same fabulous finish.

The question is what can you do to keep costs to an absolute minimum while benefiting from professional assistance at the same time?

Truth is, professional painting services aren't as expensive as you would think. Particularly for those who are looking to tackle an interior painting job, who don't already have all the high-end equipment and accessories they would need to do it. By the time all the products and extras you need were picked up, you might have saved money by calling out the pros.

In any case, there are different ways and means by which costs can be further reduced without compromising quality. So if you're considering a good interior painting job and would like not to overpay, here's a short rundown of five ways to cut costs:

Insist On Fixed Quotes

First of all, don't even think about working with a professional painting team who isn't able to give you a fixed quote. This means a quote in writing, that will not change at any time under any circumstances. If they say the entire thing is going to cost you $500, that should be the maximum you 're willing to pay, not a penny more. Also, note that any quotes given verbally may be very different when payment time comes.

Prepare And Protect

As for logistics, you can save time and effort for your painting team by doing yourself a little of the preparatory work. Remember always that the faster and easier it's for them to get the job done, the less you can expect to pay. For example, if you have the time and inclination to do so, you can go about the process of removing the wallpaper yourself. You should make the effort to remove from the respective room all the furniture and fixtures, using protective covers to shield everything in the vicinity and so on. A good painting team will provide no-questions-asked services of this sort, but there's nothing to lose if you lend a helping hand.

Carry Out Repairs If Possible

The same goes for any minor repairs that might need to be tackled around the place. For example, if your walls have any small holes, you might equip yourself with a batch of filler and make the repairs. That's just a smart idea if you know what you're doing – mess it up and they're just going to have to undo everything you've done and start over. Look around the location to see if there's something you'd be able to tackle in advance.

Ask About Peak/Off-Peak Times

Depending on the team of painters with which you work, you can find that they charge slightly different prices according to different seasons, days and times. It all depends on the times when their services are in the highest demand, the most / less convenient times for the team to visit you, how much of a rush you are in, and so on. Since not all painting teams have peak and off-peak hours, this doesn't always make a difference.


Ensure There’s A Warranty Included

Last but not least, the painting team always has a list of options ahead of time regarding the provision of warranties. The explanation is that paying a low price is one thing, but having to schedule touch-ups and re-dos a couple of weeks further down the road is totally something else. The entire point of hiring the pros should be to make sure you're left with an exceptional finish that lasts. Not a half-cooked job, you could have done yourself quite easily!

We hope these tips will help you to cut the costs of professional painting. For more information about interior painting, contact Professional Interior Painters in Connecticut.

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