Exterior Colors For Your Cape Cod Home

February 21, 2022
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Exterior Colors For Your Cape Cod Home

The Cape Cod type of house was built in New England between 1710 and 1850. British colonists constructed seaside residences in a style that is immediately recognized. The uniformity, basic, rectangular base, angled roof, dormer windows, and clapboard wood siding distinguish these houses. Other stylistic characteristics, such as double-hung windows, shutters, and even particular color palettes, are commonly associated with Cape Cod homes.

Because wood paneling siding, sloped roofs, and window shutters are extremely prominent in most home decor, color is extremely crucial in establishing the Cape Cod feel. So, with so many contemporary replicas, how can you make your home appear authentically Cape Cod? Exterior paint is a good option.


Usually, cedar shingles on Cape Cod homes were allowed to weather and grey gradually. Allowing shingles to age without shielding reduces their lifespan. We can get the same "weathered" appearance on the shingles today with chemicals that preserve them and extend their longevity. In addition, professional painters can paint a thick stain on your shingles to make them appear younger for longer. The use of a uniform stain in a color is both protective and attractive.


Basic and earthy exterior paint choices for a Cape-style home mimic the sand, sea, and grasses found along an eastern seaside. When choosing an external color palette, keep the hue of the roof in mind. For a traditional aesthetic, a deep green, grey, or black roof contrasts wonderfully with crisp white or soft white walls. A gentle grey or moderate sand tone on the walls creates a more integrated look. The shutters and front door are frequently painted in earthy hues with an outside appeal, such as lush green, brick red, foggy grey, shades of blue, and charcoal black. The front-facing dormers are sometimes colored as well.

Some colors to use for your Cape cod homes


Light tan paint color is a terrific option for your home's exterior because it is sandy and vibrant. It has a warm, earthy tone to it, and it's also quite adaptable. Exterior siding should be painted light tan, then dark, melancholy tones like navy blue or pine green should be used to complement them. Tan on big swathes of a wall might be monotonous without a color complement, so make sure to add some color variety around window frames, roof eaves, and other elements. Select tan hue with blue or grey undertones to give it more intricate and fascinating.


White is beautiful, airy, and spacious, and the Cape Cod home employs it to counteract the vivid, vibrant colors of the beach. Painting your exterior walls white and applying darker paint around architectural details, or use white as an accent color. Off-white with a tinge of green or blue has a cool, opulent feel that's ideal for Cape Cod. A coat of white paint on a home's exterior can't go wrong.

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