Detecting And Repairing Siding Damage After A Hailstorm

April 25, 2022
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Detecting And Repairing Siding Damage After A Hailstorm

Hail damage can cause cracks and other effects on the house that are difficult to see from the ground. When it comes to leakage, it can take 1 or 2 years for siding damage to show up. It will take a professional’s keen eye to identify the deterioration before it worsens further down the road.

Spotting damage

Hail damage to your siding, roof, and fascia can result in denting, splitting, and obvious flaws. A couple of obvious hits on your siding or roofing, as well as a few holes in your fascia, should not be a reason to be alarmed. However, more extensive deterioration to your home's structure can result in leakage and water damage. As a result, you should assess the severity of your siding repair as quickly as feasible.

If the deterioration is severe and evident, there is little doubt that you should consult a siding expert for a repair or replacement. If the deterioration is less obvious but you are still concerned, contact a roofing company for a free consultation.

Insurance Policy

If your house and siding have been damaged by a hailstorm and you require siding replacement or repair, read your insurance plan and call your insurance company to determine what is and is not included. Some insurance providers in places where hailstorms occur frequently may have updated their policies to include higher premiums, which you should be aware of before contracting services.

Signs of Siding Damage

Cracking, splitting, and bending are all symptoms of deterioration that a siding and roofing expert will check for. Hail damage could also be more subtle, enabling mold growth beneath loosened or ruined siding.

Storm surges can also block house gutters, causing roof and siding leaks. Watermarks on the siding near gutters should be avoided at all costs.


It's critical to act soon if you see any siding deterioration to avoid more damage and save money.

Your initial reaction could be to fix the siding or cover the damage right away. But first, take comprehensive notes and pictures of the broken siding so you can send them to your insurance company if you need to make a lawsuit.

Have a general company submit a repair quote prior to making a lawsuit and having an adjuster visit your property. Other elements of the house, including windows, doors, and the roof, will be inspected as well, even if they aren't visibly damaged.

You should also speak with your insurance agent, who can advise you on whether submitting a lawsuit is the right option for your situation.

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