Color Schemes To Make Your Room Look Spacious

June 20, 2022
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Color Schemes To Make Your Room Look Spacious

Your home is your sanctuary where you relax, connect with your family, spend time with your friends and be yourself. Even when we have less square foot space, we all desire it to be expansive, flowing, and open. Despite our attempts to pay attention to certain nuances like the arrangement of the furniture, the décor selection, and light furnishing, sometimes we still feel that the space looks claustrophobic. The missing link here is the choice of the paint color on your walls. Colors have an extraordinary ability to transform your space. With the appropriate selection of colors, you can instantly create an illusion of a bigger space. Here are the tried and tested clever interior color combinations that any painting company will vouch for.

1.   Pale Blue: Nothing can beat the serenity of the pale blue color. It adds a sense of calmness and a soothing touch effortlessly. It works like magic in your kids' room or a room that doesn’t receive much natural sunlight. To further beautify your space pair this color with dusty rose or eggshell white on the ceiling, window trims, or the door, and you will notice how spacious your room looks.


2.   Taupe: When in doubt, stick to neutrals. Taupe is one of those shades that beautifully blend brown with grey. It is an extremely versatile color, and it’s the best choice when you want to gravitate away from plain white walls. It adds the right amount of drama and brightness to the room especially when you pair it with buttery yellow or aqua. This combination makes a perfect pick for your living room or even your office space, giving it a sophisticated yet bright look.  


3.   Blush Pink: If you want to add a monochromatic look to your space, then blush pink should be your pick. This surprisingly beautiful color is an instant hit among the millennials who have redeemed this color from being reserved only for a child’s room. Compliment this color with dark walnut furniture to give the room the perfect balance.


4.   Crisp White: The list is incomplete without mentioning how the simple white color can make the room look bigger. Having said that, in an otherwise dark space, plain white walls could look dreary and have the opposite effect. You have to ensure that you add a pop of color to the room, in the form of an accent wall, natural wood accents, potted plants, and colorful rugs.


5.   Sea Green: Avoid boring beige and grey colors, and opt for the mystic sea green color that visually adds more square feet to the room, while giving your space a breath of fresh air.

For more inspiration and insights, get in touch with one of your local painting contractors in CT.

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