Bathroom Layout Options To Know while remodeling

March 24, 2021
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 Bathroom Layout Options To Know while remodeling

Today, we would like to talk about a planning feature of a bathroom remodel that is sometimes overlooked: Bathroom Layout Options. When it comes to design, first and foremost, you must understand the layout. The dimensions, set plumbing, vanity size, and so on. Let's take a look at a few different bathroom layout ideas! We'll go over small, medium, and master bath choices so you know what to think about before you start building. 

Before we get into some of the more common bathroom layout choices, let's go over what we need to think about first. Again, planning is the most critical phase in any home renovation.

Size: First, define what you're dealing with and then accommodate. Are you planning to renovate the main bathroom in the living room, the family bathroom upstairs, or the spacious master bath? You'll discover that the layout you choose is determined by the amount of room you have.

Privacy: While I recognize that this isn't the traditional approach, it's one I enjoy because I've built and installed some myself. Make some kind of privacy barrier between the entrance and the toilet if you have the room. According to reports, studies show that shielding the bathroom from view “can make a significant mental difference.”

Vanity: This, too, is space-dependent, but you should know what size vanity you want. Will this bathroom be shared by two people? Would you like his or her sinks, or do you only want a single vanity? Save some room by placing a separate “getting ready” station next to it, or a grooming station if you prefer. All of this is something to think about.

Shower/Bath: Walk-in showers are extremely popular in the market. They make the most of available space, emphasize comfort, and are extremely resale-friendly. If you have the room, I think a beautiful walk-in tiled shower with a freestanding tub set in the center or niched in a space would be the ideal layout.

Plumbing: Labor costs spike when you start shifting plumbing around. If possible, try to plan your concept around the existing plumbing. It has the potential to save you thousands of dollars.

Prevalent Bathroom Design Ideas

So there's this thing called "wet walls," which basically refers to any wall with plumbing on it. The wall on which your shower, tub, and sinks are situated. You should be aware that less wet walls equate to lower costs, as plumbing is not relatively cheap. If you're on a tight budget, a single wet wall is the way to go. The only disadvantage is that you are constrained in terms of design. A layout with plumbing in two walls needs a little more effort, but it opens up a few possibilities.

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Three-Quarters Style: With a single wet wall, all of the bathroom's plumbing is connected to one wall, forming a circuit. This saves money on labor and supplies, but it limits the design options. Even so, this is a common design for smaller spaces because it includes a bath and a sink.

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Half Bath: A half bathroom is one that does not have a bathtub or a shower, but does have a toilet and a sink. As a result, half baths are among the most space-efficient, and they are the most common in nearly all homes because they increase the number of bathrooms in the home without taking up too much additional space. As a result, be cautious when a home claims to have many baths, as many of them might be half baths rather than three quarter or full baths.

Full Bath: As I previously stated, this is the best option. Having a shower in your bathroom with the option of a bath meets the majority of people's needs and desires. Usually, there is space in this design for a double vanity or, as previously described, an additional "grooming" station of some kind.

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