Bathroom flooring: Vinyl Vs Laminate

May 5, 2021
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Bathroom flooring: Vinyl Vs Laminate

Are you planning for new bathroom flooring? Now-a-days you find a variety of options available in 100% waterproof bathroom flooring, such as waterproof vinyl or water-resistant laminate are your best bet for a durable, low-maintenance floor. 

Bathroom floors should be waterproof and simple to clean. We compare vinyl and laminate flooring for bathrooms in this blog to help you decide between the two.  

Water Resistant Vinyl Floors

                                                                                             Photo credit: Shawfloor

There are two types of waterproof vinyl floors: 

1)wood plastic composite (WPC)  

2)stone plastic composite (SPC)

WPC vinyl is created by combining plastic and wood flour. SPC vinyl is also made up of plastic and stone.

What makes Vinyl floors water resistant?

The response can be found in the layered architecture. WPC and SPC vinyl flooring usually have four layers, but this varies by manufacturer. Let's take a look at how a piece of high-quality waterproof vinyl flooring is typically constructed.

Wear Layer

It's your waterproof vinyl floor's powerhouse. The surface you go on is the wear layer, which is your first defence. The dense, substantial wear layers of waterproof vinyl floors are well-known. The thicker the layer, the longer the floor will last.

Graphic Vinyl Floor

Now comes the interesting feature. Vinyl is one of the best materials for imitating natural textures on the market. You can have a wood-look, a stone-look, whatever you want. WPC and SPC vinyl flooring provide realistic graphics that will persuade us that it's the genuine thing.

Waterproof Core

Because of this vital layer, WPC vinyl is often referred to as waterproof core vinyl. No matter how long it is put to the test, the waterproof core cannot absorb liquid. There is no mildew, warping, or swelling. It's no problem!

SPC vinyl has a fully waterproof heart. This layer is thinner and denser in stone plastic composite flooring, which improves its longevity. SPC floors are ideal for commercial use because of their rigid, long-lasting design.

Back Layer

This is the point at which the magic starts. The back layer meets your sub-floor and smoothes out all surface imperfections without costs for repairs.

This backing is typically an attached layer of cork or foam that eliminates the need for a separate underlayment. This layer also gives the floor some spring and muffles the room's hollow sounds.

Water-Resistant Laminate Bathroom Floors

                                                                                          Photo Credit: Shawfloor

Water-resistant laminate flooring allows you to add laminate in your bathroom if you follow the instructions carefully.

When purchasing laminate flooring for your bathroom, read the product details carefully to ensure that your option is truly water-resistant.

You can buy laminate with a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) core for your bathroom since this core contains water-resistant materials like wax. Water-resistant laminate with an MDF core can prevent water from being absorbed by standing for a short time.

Wear Layer

The wear layer, like waterproof vinyl, is the first line of protection against daily wear and tear. Your flooring would be beefier if the wear layer is thicker.

Image Layer

The image layer contains the pattern of your flooring, which is protected by the wear layer. This high-resolution picture can be a pattern, or it can be one of the current wood and stone looks.

Water Resistant Core

The core layer is responsible for much of the laminate flooring's longevity. This center is also responsible for your laminate's water resistance. A medium-density fiber shop with wax or other water-proof materials will be available for water resistant laminates so that water cannot be drained through.

Back layer

Laminate flooring has a backing that stabilizes the entire plank and provides a solid base for your floor. In contrast to waterproof vinyl, there is usually no waterproof underlay on the backing layer for water-resistant laminates, although some options offer pre-fixed substrates. Purchase a better underlayment and vapor barrier for a more durable and water-resistant floor.

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