5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Home Renovation

June 9, 2021
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5 Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe During Home Renovation

Home renovations can be very invasive for a family and could cause your pet to feel insecure, disturbed or endangered. Take your pet's temperament into consideration while planning their day during a home renovation to reduce the effects of construction on their well-being. Here are some suggestions to help you plan:

Introduce your pet to the workers

Allow your pet to meet and sniff the contractors who will be coming and leaving the house if they are friendly. Allowing them to become comfortable with fragrances and voices may help them feel more at peace throughout the experience, even if the people behind those voices are hidden for the majority of the day.

Make a Safe Place

Although your pet may be accustomed to freely roaming the house or backyard, this will not be possible during the renovation. Instead, keep your pet in a room away from the action, along with their mattress, food, and toys. Place a notice on the door to inform visitors that your pet is inside.

Consider Daycare or a friend’s house

Another common alternative for some pet owners is to get their pet out of the house completely. Complete elimination of the threat of distress in renovation times is a good alternative for pets with certain temperaments, and during days of work, you will be more relaxed, knowing that your pet is taken care of. So if your friend or relative is willing to look after your pet for a few hours that is great, otherwise pet day care is always available in most cities. 

Inquire about chemicals and noise pollution.

Dangerous fumes are present in several home improvement jobs. Almost every endeavor generates a lot of dust and noise. Chemicals and dust particles, in particular, can be detrimental to birds. If asbestos must be removed during the renovation, you must remove your pet from the premises.

You already know how your dog reacts to loud noises like fireworks or vacuum cleaners. If a nail gun or jackhammer is going to agitate your pet, it might be best to locate another area for them to spend that day. Make a play date for them or ask a neighbor to keep an eye on them while you're gone.

Check to see what projects can be completed outside

General contractors may be able to do some tasks outside your home or ahead of schedules, such as cutting materials to size or pre-painting surfaces. This means less mess inside, less potential for your pet to get into things, and less stress for you. So don’t feel shy to ask your renovation contractor if they can accommodate your needs.

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