5 Tips for painting for your commercial building

April 29, 2020
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Commercial painting is an investment that needs to be carefully handled in order to avoid complications with your customers while still getting the look that you want. A decent paint job will make a positive first impression that encourages customers to come back to your premises over and over again. Therefore it is necessary for your company to refresh the look of your property with a fresh paint job.


When you plan your commercial exterior painting project, follow these five tips to ensure a good return on investment.

Consider the scope of the project

Take the time to understand the scope and reach of your painting project. How many buildings need painting? How long do you need to finish the project? Also, you should find which time of year will be more suitable to do the painting. 

Some painting companies offer exclusive discounts for painting in the winter season. During the winter season, painting may cause minimum disruptions to your business activities. 

Planning and budgeting

Strategic planning is very important for any commercial painting job. Never do an impromptu painting project. Keep in mind, this is a business decision so you should always prepare and account for the maintenance budget to save both time and money and increase the quality of the paint job. Proper planning will also ensure the property doesn't need any touch-ups or repainting earlier than necessary.

Choose the right color

Choosing the right color for your commercial building is often an overlooked aspect. 

The right colors will make the buildings more attractive and welcoming to customers. Remember, the color you choose should complement your business brand and the business brand is not just about the logo alone.

A commercial painter can help you choose the right shades in accordance with the latest trends and color psychology.

Adhere to high standards of safety

Your top priority should be the health and safety of your clients and tenants. Make sure you pick the right paint that will pose minimal health hazards to people in the space. Prioritize odorless colors to prevent any health issues with customers when you're open or after the work is finished.

Consider additional services

Your exterior commercial painting project should involve more than just painting the outside walls. Your project's progress will also rely on additional resources such as pressure wash, caulking, careful sanding and stripping, and restoration work to ensure the building looks at its best


Due to the unique challenges that are involved with painting a commercial building, take the time to find the best contractor for your paint job. An experienced commercial painting contractor in Simsbury, CT can give recommendations for proper project execution in a way that maximizes the return on investment.

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