5 Best Office Paint Colors to Improve Productivity

May 20, 2020
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5 Best Office Paint Colors to Improve Productivity

The color of your walls is one of a business’s most undervalued assets. Color influences your personality profoundly and the right color will motivate your staff to work more effectively or appeal more to your clients or customers.

You're not going to find any standardized rules that rate one color better than another; they all serve a different purpose. You can make the most of this by choosing a color that represents your goals and a commercial painter can help you to achieve them. The following list will give you a snapshot of what each color can do for your company.


Blues are one of the most common colors used in places of work. Blues stimulate the mind, and greater output comes from this stimulation. Blue is one of the best colors for jobs that involve a wide range of thinking, such as financial, computer, or analytical work.

Blue also calms most people and lets them communicate. These advantages make blue hues one of the better workplace environments choices including conference rooms. Since the color blue is so soothing, though, you might want to add a brighter color to the color scheme (such as orange or yellow) to balance the soothing impact of blue.


Greens promote a healthy sense of balance among employees. It has many similarities to the color blue, including the calming aspect. Green also fits well in supermarket stores, hotels, and other similar environments. This color is also a great choice for employees who work long hours.

Green promotes creativity and innovation, making it a great color to surround work areas that focus on research and development. However, green can promote inaction, so that additional color (such as red) can increase productivity.


Yellow stands for hope and innovation. It works best in an environment where employees have to think creatively on a regular basis, such as designers, writers, or artists.

However, yellow can cause anxiety in large quantities. Use yellow sparingly, or use a  lower color contrast. Don't use yellow in public places like department stores. Most people don't prefer the color or are irritated by it.

Never use yellow in an environment where people want to remain calm, as this color stimulates high emotions. Yellow may also support places like break rooms, public restrooms, or restaurants.


Never use pure white color in your office environment. White does not activate the subconscious and can diminish overall efficiency. Even less productive colors such as yellow generally perform better than white alone. As long as you use it to accentuate certain colors, you can paint areas of your business atmosphere white.

Whites may add a highly skilled or expensive look to luxury businesses.

Blacks and Greys

Blacks and greys generally provide a sense of professionalism and expense. They work well in fashion shops or jewelry stores, and other luxury environments. Blacks and greys, however, are psychologically neutral and they can do nothing to improve the efficiency of the workers.

Depending on your company goals, the color of your paint matters. If you're just starting a business or you're looking for a shift, use these tips to find the best color possible for your company. In order to cover your room with your desired color, contact the best commercial painting company in CT

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