5 Bathroom Trends You May Probably Regret

March 17, 2021
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5 Bathroom Trends You May Probably Regret

Designs are not always evergreen. Although some iconic styles, such as wainscoting, will never go out of style, others have a limited lifespan. Which of the newest bathroom style trends should you accept, and which should you respectfully ignore? Take a look at this list of latest bathroom trends you may want to rethink adding.

Patterned floor tiles


The patterned floor tiles are all the rage right now. However, fashions change. When it happens, a tiled floor isn't something you can replace easily. Not only is it a costly project, but it might also necessitate the assistance of a professional home renovator. If you must have patterned flooring, go for a striped or chevron rug, which can be quickly switched out—and for a fraction of the price of new tile.

Wall Mounted

Counter-mounted sink bowls look great with wall-mounted faucets. Just keep in mind that all of those plumbing pipes are now hidden behind a tiled wall. Hidden plumbing implies hidden leaks and costly repairs in the event of plumbing problems. Your pipes and fittings would be much easier to reach from underneath your vanity cabinet when faucets are mounted on a countertop.

Slide Barn Door 

Barn doors can be found almost everywhere nowadays. In 11 years, this passing trend would have made your home hopelessly dated. So, if you plan to add a barn door in your bathroom to save space or to keep up with the times, please remember that you will need to fix it sooner than you expect.

Fish scale tiles

Although fish scale tiles are popular for bathroom walls, the mermaid style is slightly weird for more conventional tastes. This pattern could prove to be a liability for selling your home at the end of the day. If you're stuck on scales, try an easily detachable piece of decor like a framed art print or a stencil drawn on the wall to get into the theme.

Wooden Ceilings

A trend towards house design, beginning in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, can pass over time into the bathroom. Take, for example, the ceiling wood treatments. Take care in this area. Moisture and wood aren't a good match. The heat and steam from a bath or shower can warp and break the wood as it rises, or worse, promote mold growth. Mold is difficult to remove once it has taken root on wooden beams. If you want your ceilings to last for several years without having to be painted, you should choose a typical ceiling painted in a fresh coat rated for high-moisture environments.

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