4 Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

June 16, 2021
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4 Remodeling Ideas To Make Your Kitchen Energy Efficient

Planning to remodel your kitchen is a huge task. During your work, you must save your money and space. Most people think about how to save money while maintaining quality. We asked our kitchen remodeling experts to find out where people prefer to save money. The answer came as no surprise. Many people are willing to spend more money upfront if it means they will save money in the long run. Here are five of the most common ways people save money in the long run by installing an energy-efficient kitchen.


Energy-efficient windows provide an immediate aesthetic makeover in your home and can help sustain your home's temperature so you don't have to use the heat or air conditioning as regularly. Replacement windows and doors made now are far more energy-efficient than those made just a few decades ago. Keep an eye out for:

  • Windows and door glass made with e-glass
  • Low-emissivity window coatings
  • Storm windows are used to keep out the elements.
  • Windows and doors that are Energy StarĀ® certified
  • Construction Quality


You select your appliances at the initial stages of a kitchen design. Appliances must be chosen before the first hammer swing. Choosing energy-efficient appliances is the best way to save money and reduce energy consumption.

Stove: Induction cooking saves energy and keeps the kitchen cooler than other stoves.

Refrigerator: An Energy Star fridge not only saves you money, but it may also qualify you for rebates and tax benefits. What better way to help the environment while also saving money?

Dishwasher: Look for Energy Star dishwashers, particularly those that have Tier II certification from the Consortium of Energy Efficiency. These can help you save money on water and electricity, and you may even be qualified for a rebate!

Oven: Advantium speed cooking ovens use convection and microwave technology to cook meals rapidly and efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Insulated Flooring

Flooring is a frequently ignored topic for lowering energy costs. A chilly floor equals a chilly home. Installing an energy-efficient floor, whether it's insulation, vent sealing, or even a low-energy heated floor, can help you save money on HVAC energy. The temperature in your home will be maintained as a result of this.

HVAC SystemsĀ 

When it comes to renovating, not everyone considers the HVAC system. If your home's heating and cooling equipment is old, it has most certainly lost whatever energy efficiency it had when it was new.

During house remodeling, you might upgrade to a more modern, energy-efficient type. Gas lines for heat and water heating can also be installed in your home. Our recommendations are as follows:

  • Furnace powered by gas
  • A water heater that runs on gas
  • Heat pump powered by geothermal energy
  • An air conditioner with two or multi-stages

For more energy-efficient kitchen remodeling ideas, you can contact the Kitchen Remodeling Consultant in Fairfield, CT

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