May 13, 2020
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If you have little ones at home, you know that there will be a lot of unexpected marks around the house without any explanation. You've already seen scratches, sketches, or a filthy handprint right in the middle of your favorite living room wall. It may be your home, but it's a place for your children to create!

Take a look at these five painting tips suggested by local painting contractors, CT to prepare ahead and kid-proof the walls to survive the onslaught of fun and mess coming their way.

Choose a Washable Paint

If you wish to keep the walls clean, then pick a high-quality, low-VOC paint with a semi-gloss or satin finish. While these high-sheen paints encourage you to scrub them to your satisfaction, they appear to create a moody or intimidating atmosphere that clashes with your family-friendly home.

Fortunately, paint manufacturers recognize that many homeowners prefer eggshell and matte paints to glosses. And to satisfy the demand, they now manufacture smooth, easy-to-clean finishes in a range of eye-catching colors. All you have to do is check the "washable" paint label before you buy the first bucket.

Pick Kid-Friendly Colors

While the gleaming white walls make your home look bright on a good day, they do make your home look old and dirty on a bad day. Your guests will quickly and easily spot the handprints that happen to grace your home.

Instead of washing the walls every hour on the hour, give yourself a break with colors that conceal dirt and smudges. Beige, grey, or some other neutral color hides fingerprints, while darker colors such as orange, yellow, and red draw the eye upwards (and away from smudges below).

Use Outlet Covers

Outlet covers are known to be one of the best and most important child-proofing tasks that you can install them during or after a paint job. Outlet covers are installed to ensure that the little child's hands do not find their way into danger. Outlets can be efficient, but they are often dangerous and have convenient access to children's hands. Luckily, there are several choices available, so you can quickly find an outlet cover that is both secure and stylish.

Create a Kid-Friendly Chalkboard

If you know your kids are going to draw on the walls for a few more years, you might feel like you're going to have to fight a losing battle. Whatever color you want now, it's only going to cover up the problem rather than fix it.

Don't hide all the chalk and artistic materials of your children. Instead, let them show their imagination through the chalkboard paint. Paint a small portion of your bedroom with this unique paint, and your little artists can play to their heart's content without damaging the rest of your home.

Would you like to create kid-proof walls at home? Then contact our professional and experienced painters at West Hartford, CT.

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