4 Design Ideas For Small Bathroom

August 25, 2021
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4 Design Ideas For Small Bathroom

Space is at a premium for many people in 2021, however, that doesn't mean those operating in a small space have to sacrifice style. 

Size is no longer an issue; with the latest design concepts and bathroom components, your little bathroom, ensuite, or powder room will be comfortable rather than crowded. The key is efficiency, which means making the most of every millimeter of space to create a feeling of spaciousness regardless of the size or layout of your tiny bathroom. 

Consider making the best use of your space by following our small bathroom design guide below.


A bathroom requires a lot of storage space to house all of the things that are used daily, such as toothbrushes, tissue papers, towels, and so on. In a well-managed bathroom, all of these things must be neatly organized. Therefore, the design of the bathroom prioritizes proper and adequate storage space.

Due to a lack of room, it is dependent on how these limited places can be utilized for storage. The following are some basic suggestions for making the most of your storage space.

  • The most convenient for small bathrooms is wall-mounted storage. Unused places, such as the wall above the toilet, are ideal for fitting in that extra cabinet.

  • Everyday essentials can also be stored in a storage cabinet behind the mirror.   Because this will be the most used cabinet in the bathroom, it must be spacious enough to accommodate all of the daily necessities.

  • The space beneath the sink is an area that few people consider. Installing sliding channels for drawers on both sides of the sink's drainage pipe can make this area more efficient. This area can accommodate one of the bathroom's larger cupboards.


Avoid enclosed models with raised trays and opt for more seamless, walk-in choices with clear glass instead when it comes to showers. It is not necessary to have a square box of space for this; it can fit the shape and size of your room arrangement. If you want a bath, choose one of the new compact sizes and place it within the glass-fronted walk-in to create a full wet space for bathing and showering.

Visual Appearance

When it comes to creating a sense of space in a compact bathroom layout, light colors are the not-so-secret weapon. This might not imply you have to stick to white; instead, experiment with warm beige and soft greys, which reflect instead of absorbing light. While a single dark color wall, perhaps with a geometric pattern, would provide depth, the idea of keeping to a single color is becoming more popular in 2021.

Don't doubt the capacity of mirrors to double the feeling of space in a small bathroom design while also adding a show-stopping element to your space.

Small Appliances

Using standard-sized appliances in a tiny bathroom is one of the most common blunders individuals do. In a tiny bathroom, a smaller appliance should always be preferred.

  • Built-in shelves do not have to be enormous; in fact, a little or mini built-in, the size of a medicine cabinet, can appear elegant and serve the objective of neatly storing items.

  • Other effective solutions for boosting vertical storage space in the bathroom include storage ladders and towel ladders. They add storage capacity while taking up very little floor space in the bathroom.

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