4 Cabinet Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

March 14, 2022
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4 Cabinet Ideas for a Low-Maintenance Kitchen

The kitchen may be the most difficult place to maintain neatness. Crumbs, food, spills, and splodges can be found on the floor in any kitchen. This is particularly true in the case of cabinets. Luckily, there are some simple techniques to keep your cabinet upkeep to a minimum.

Extend the cabinets all the way to the top of the room

To prevent having to thoroughly clean the areas over the upper cabinets, where dirt and filth can build, extend cabinets all the way up to the ceiling. Alternatively, if you have sufficient lower cabinet and pantry space, you can build the kitchen without any upper cabinets. Although you sacrifice considerable space, the kitchen will seem more spacious and light, and cleaning off a plain surface is always easier than cleaning off cupboards.

Reduce Open Shelves

Be it on a sidewall, a countertop, or at the end of cabinets, open shelving is a terrific platform for showcasing your best decor and kitchenware. Nevertheless, it takes a lot longer and works to keep such areas clean and orderly. Together with the everyday chores, the maintenance might be burdensome.

Put your decor on required areas such as tables and islands rather than unneeded cabinet shelves to cut down on your to-do list. Cushions, tables, counter stools, and lighting can all be used as decor.

Avoid Glass Doors

Whatever substance you select for your cabinetry has a significant impact on the amount of upkeep expected to maintain it appearing nice and shiny. Glass necessitates more regular cleansing and polishing than anything else. It gathers dust and dirt, shows marks quickly, and any blotches or oily areas will make the cabinetry appear unclean much more quickly than it would on wood. When there are multiple panes of glass divided by metal or wood trim, the issue is aggravated.

Glass cabinets are popular among householders since they give a welcoming and open look while also showcasing their excellent dishes. No other substance is as clear as it, but there are some fantastic alternatives for achieving the same effect in the kitchen.

Select Appliances

Choose steel appliances that are resistant to marks. Alternatively, pick non-stainless steel appliances with smooth, easy-to-clean surfaces. Make sure the knobs on your stove and oven aren't designed with difficult-to-clean crevices. Also, make sure there's enough room between knobs for a cloth, wipes, or sponges to fit between them.

You should also go for self-cleaning gadgets if at all feasible. Choose espresso machines with a self-cleaning feature. Seek out microwaves that have a pyrolytic cleaning option. Pyrolytic cleaning is a technical term that refers to the heating of the microwave to extremely high temperatures in order to burn away any debris. Automatic steam cleaning and drying routines are available on some microwaves

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