4 Best Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

November 11, 2020
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4 Best Paint Colors For Your Bedroom

One of the most significant rooms in the house is the bedroom. These areas, built to promote full relaxation, are meant to be sanctuaries where you can get as much rest as possible. However, you may actually find that you don't feel as rejuvenated as you should, depending on what color your walls are currently painted. It is good to hire residential painters in Connecticut who have worked with a different spectrum of colors and have first-hand experience of the impact they can have.

These are some of the best colors for sleeping in a bedroom.

Dark Blue

Blue is commonly considered as the number one color for relaxation and restfulness, specifically darker shades of blue. That's because it gives the mind a soothing influence that makes the conditions just right for you to drift off into dreamland. Darker blues are particularly effective as they absorb extra light in the space and keep the space dimly lit to prevent your sleep cycle from interrupting. So, if you're trying to enhance the quality of your sleep, a great place to start is to paint your 

bedroom blue.


On the other hand, you don't have to feel compelled to choose if blue is too dark a color for your personal taste. Actually, even some of the sunnier colors can still help you sleep better. Yellow is a shade attributed to both sunlight and energy — two things that make for an excellent morning. You would think that it would then fall short of helping you sleep because of this, but this is not the case. Yellow is also, in fact, a natural color that can create a calm and cozy atmosphere. Just make sure you don't use a variation that is too luminous.

Light Green

Among the best colors for painting a bedroom for sleep are also pale or light green. These colors bring with them a sense of harmony and positive energy, being hues that we would naturally find in our local forests. This atmosphere can also have a calming effect on the mind and make re-energizing our bodies much easier for us.


If you are more relaxed in a clean and organized space, the color white might be right for you. While many assume that white reflects too much light and thus prevents us from getting the sleep we need, a fresh and clean atmosphere is actually provided. Often, rooms may seem cluttered and messy with a lot of colors, working against the tranquility you are trying to create. White walls act for the mind as clean slates, making the room appear more organized and reducing your stress.

For more details on what color best works for your bedroom, reach out to Home Interior Painting Professionals in West Hartford, CT.

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