4 Best Bathroom Vanity Materials

April 7, 2021
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4 Best Bathroom Vanity Materials

You're considering installing new vanity cabinets or upgrading your old ones, but you're not sure what materials to use? It will take some time and research, just like every other home project. There are a number of materials that could suit your needs, but you need to know which ones they are before you start any project. So, what are your choices for bathroom vanity cabinets?

Consider quality versus low-end, inexpensive options when choosing materials for your bathroom vanity cabinets. Inexpensive type of cabinetry isn't going to last, and it will end up costing you more money in the long run due to replacement and other issues.

Solid Plywood

Solid plywood is a tough material that's used in a variety of construction projects, including roofing. It is made up of layers of wood veneers that are glued together to form a board. Plywood comes in a variety of thicknesses and consistency levels. If the coating applied to the plywood has a good wood grain pattern, it's a good option. It's a good option because of its strength, and its cost and quality are both in the middle. It can last forever if moisture and humidity levels are regulated. Plywood has the advantage of avoiding expansion and contraction caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations, which can occur with real wood.

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Solid Wood

Solid wood is the strongest and most durable of all materials, with solid oak being the strongest. Solid wood is generally the best material option for a bathroom vanity cabinet, especially if cost is not a problem. Solid wood comes in two varieties: solid wood and solid hardwood. Strong hardwood, which is made from woods like oak, cherry, and maple, is the more durable of the two. Temperature and moisture shifts cause solid wood to expand and contract, which can result in warping and cracking in painted finishes.


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Rubberwood is made from the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree, and it has almost the toughness of oak. It is also an eco - friendly material that encourages recycling and eliminates waste of a natural product, making it a good choice for property owners who appreciate sustainability and repurposing.


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MDF stands for Medium-Density Fiberboard. Fibreboard is a composite wood and fiber material that is kept together with a wax or resin adhesive. It's similar to a particle board, but it's much denser and doesn't have the "gaps" that a particle board does. MDF has a number of advantages, including a low price and a smooth surface. There are no loops or splinters around the edges, so it takes paint very well. However, there are some disadvantages of using MDF. It will swell and disintegrate if left unfinished and exposed to water. There's also a chance it'll produce formaldehyde, which is a known carcinogen.

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