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Unique Flooring Solutions is one of the best stores for laminate flooring in Louisville, KY. With one year guaranteed labor and workmanship, your new quality flooring has never more appealing. Created in 2002 by Oliver and Dzenan, Unique’s goal is to entice you to join our solid happy customer’s base.

What is the best inexpensive laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring, or floating wood tiles, is clearly one of the most affordable options of flooring. With a vast array of looks, the wood-look laminate floor is still able to stand out from the crowd. This option offers a polished look on a more affordable budget, letting you choose from innumerable traditional, rustic or modern styles, making this the seamless choice for every room in your home, even your walls.

Laminate visuals are crystal clear, and they look and feel like real hardwood or stone. The benefit of only being an imitation of those surfaces is that laminate flooring can withstand scratches, stains, dents, and even moisture. If you talk to one of our trained professional staff members at our showroom, they will be able to tell you if laminate flooring is a viable option for your intended project and even give you a free estimate of how much that will cost.

What exactly is laminate flooring?

Laminate floors comprise of a multi-layer synthetic flooring product, with layers fused together through a specific lamination process. This will result in a type of floor that simulates real wood and stone, using a photographic layer that stays protected by another clear layer. Laminate floors are by far one of the most advantageous options for your next project, since it is easy to clean, resistant to most stains and scratches, and it won’t trap your pet’s fur.

With 12-months of warranty, our store’s policy will cover your investment in your new laminate flooring in Louisville, KY. Oliver and Dzenan personally trained all our subcontractors in order to maintain the same quality and expertise throughout the entire company, and they will be qualified to assist you with any question that you may have. You can contact us, visit our website or drop by our store to ask for a free estimate.

Do laminate floors scratch easily?

No, they don’t. Since laminate flooring doesn't comprise of actual wood, they cannot be sanded. Therefore, one of their benefits is that they are way more scratch resistant. You can always use this type of flooring to simulate the style of traditional or hand scraped wood, stone, or you can just use it naturally.

Being quite easy to install and to maintain, laminate floors have grown significantly in popularity. At Unique Flooring Solutions, we can make sure that you will get the best quality floors at the best possible cost while taking care of the entire installation process. When talking about finding a competent company to supply and install laminate flooring in Louisville, KY, we are surely your best option, and we would be more than happy to guide you through the entire process.

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