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Nothing comes close to professional Denver exterior painting when it comes to raising your home’s value. A professional painting job goes beyond just giving your house a facelift—it can also dramatically increase its value without costing you a fortune. To ensure the best results, contact Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730. 

High quality paint will not just protect the exterior of the house—choosing the right paint color can also let you express your personal style. Exterior paints are often the first line of protection for the house against the elements, and their efficacy depends on their quality and type of stain or paint, the preparation method, and the application. A Denver exterior painting specialist can help select the right exterior paints that can dramatically improve the overall look and quality of your house.
Your house should be able to make a good first impression to passersby and guests by the mere sight of it, and the right combination of colors should do that trick. Exterior paints are available in a wide pallet of colors. If you are confused, an exterior house painter can help you choose the right hues—colors that work with one another to create your ideal look. 
Here are a few tips before you begin repainting. If you live in a gated community, be sure to check with your homeowner's association before consulting with a Denver exterior painting specialist like Dowd Restoration. There might be rules pertaining to the types of colors that you can use on your home. Choose environmentally friendly and low-VOC exterior paints, but do not forget to check on attributes, like overall performance and durability, UV resistance, mold and mildew resistance, ease of application, and fade resistance. Consult with the experts here at Dowd Restoration for an estimate on the exterior painting project or for other questions that may help you pick the right paints.
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