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Chimneys are an important structural part of homes. Through their warmth, these devices allow you to provide a comfortable environment for your family. Although they are solid structures, over time chimneys wear and deteriorate. It is possible that the damage can be caused by exposure to the weather, or temperature changes resulting from its operation.

In any case, it is essential that from time to time, you perform the proper maintenance to keep your fireplace in optimum condition. One of the essential repair processes to achieve this is chimney pointing. It is essential that you know what it consists of, and the great advantages that you will obtain from this type of maintenance.

What Is Chimney Pointing?

The structure of chimneys is composed of two main elements: bricks and mortar. Over time, what usually deteriorates is the mortar. Pointing is a masonry process in which a team of specialist professionals replaces mortar, renewing the operability of the structure.

How Do You Know If Your Fireplace Needs Pointing?

To determine if maintenance is necessary, make a visual inspection of the exterior of the structure. Other signs that the chimney requires attention is if you see water entering your home in times of rain or snow. In either case, contact a specialized team. If you need the best chimney pointing in Westchester contact us; the Expert Roofing of Westchester team will be happy to assist you.

What Happens During Chimney Pointing?

This process is usually done on the outside of the chimney, as it is the one most impacted by climate change. However, a specialized team first performs a general inspection of the entire structure to determine where the repair is needed.

The professionals then proceed to remove the previous mortar with specialized cutting equipment. At this stage of the process, they may also suggest an eventual replacement of any damaged brick. Finally, the joints of your chimney will be filled with a new mortar (cement mixture without sand or stones) returning the strength to it.

Which Are the Advantages of this Maintenance?

First of all, you will stop the deterioration of the mortar of the structure, avoiding greater issues. This damage not only puts at risk your fireplace but the structure of the house in general. Besides, by repairing it, you will be revaluing your property, which is a wise investment. This procedure will restore strength and allow you to enjoy the fireplace for many years to come.

Another significant advantage is that you will save money with a pointing. This maintenance is much cheaper than tearing down the chimney and building a new one. Finally, keep in mind that a 100% operational fireplace will prevent outside agents from threatening your home. The presence of moisture can not only damage structurally but can also cause the presence of fungi, mold, or bacteria that can threaten the health of your loved ones.

Count on the Best!

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